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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We started the Women In Technology Mission (WIT Mission) to help address one of the most dire problems our nation and the world is facing; the lack of females in technology careers. This shortage goes back to many reasons embodied in culture and society. From home through school, college and corporate cultures, the gender gap must be addressed.

At WIT Mission, we are focused on the start of the career pipeline when most girls start considering their professional futures. We organize home and high school programs to help educate, inspire and sponsor underrepresented Black and Hispanic girls to pursue technology careers. 


Passion Led Us Here

We believe all girls should have equal opportunity in pursuing careers in technology without societal and cultural limits and biases.

Our Mission

Inspire and empower girls and women to pursue careers in the technology field by increasing awareness and sponsorship opportunities for underrepresented racial groups.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Eliminate Gender Inequality In Technology Careers.

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