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Representing WIT Mission at the Ideagen Acceleration Council meeting at the Nasdaq

WIT Mission and Ideagen

On September 29th, our founder, Fares Ghanimah and corporate partnerships committee chair, Sharan Hildebrand represented WiT Mission at Ideagen’s Global Acceleration Council meeting at The Nasdaq. The event was a precursor to the kick off of the UN's 17 Days of Sustainability Goals initiative, with each day representing one of the world's most important goals. WiT Mission is proud to contribute to the advancement and spotlight of 3 of these goals: Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Partnerships.

At WiT Mission, we want to further gender equality in the technology field by providing mentorship and financial support for underrepresented, young women to pursue a quality education. Through Ideagen’s platform, we can further extend our reach to those who are also passionate about fighting to make a difference, thus WiT Mission is excited that through this event, we formed a partnership with Ideagen, in hopes that together, we can strive to empower the girls of today, for tomorrow.

We look forward to continuing to work with Ideagen and are excited to play such a crucial role in global sustainability.

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